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Ithaca - YOAS Yoga Retreats

Yoga styles

Yoga has been praised for decades for its effect on both the body and mind. With so many styles available, finding one that works best for you can be confusing. Nancy Campbell offers some short explanations here for some of the most popular styles.

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Sadhana - YOAS Yoga Retreats

Sadhana retreats with sound & song

Our sadhana retreats are an immersive experience. Belle will hold the space to explore the practices of asana, pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra through the prism of sound, NADA yoga, including mantra, sound baths and joyful song!

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Rajasthan - YOAS Yoga Retreats

The ancient craft of block printing

This wonderful blog written by Bohemia, is all about the history and evolution of the ancient craft of block printing. Just one of the activities you can explore on our magical retreats in Rajasthan.

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Nancy Campbell ice bath - YOAS Yoga Retreats

Implementing healthy habits & routines

Incorporating a new habit or routine can feel daunting. Be it meditation, self yoga practice, cold water dips or a daily walk in nature. Nancy Campbell suggests a few ways to make a shift in a more manageable and enjoyable way.

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