Uplifting yoga workshop to raise funds for Kefalonia

28 March 2021

Cost £20

Teachers Dory Walker & Raquel Alves

Holiday Expired

Uplifting yoga workshop

Back in September 2020 it was with an enormous sense of relief that we were able to run in person retreats once more. At this time we did not realise it would be for such a short period. As our third retreat of the season was about to begin on the Greek island of Kefalonia we had very little warning that a freak cyclone was about to overwhelm this peaceful place.

An amazing group of yogis overcame the most challenging conditions and remained calm and strong in the face of the cyclone under the wonderful care of Raquel Alves and Anna, Angelos and the family at Vigla Village. We were so sad for the terrible destruction that literally tore the roof from the yoga platform but so deeply grateful for the incredible inner strength as the group endured a week without power, communication and running water.

Over the past months, Anna, Angelos and the family have done all they can to repair the devastation and damage from the cyclone but with limited resources due to the pandemic there is only so much they can do. So we would like to do all we can to support them and we were sure that many of you, who also share the deep love and connection for this special place, would like to be involved too. We felt that a yoga fundraising workshop could be a positive way for us all to come together and support Vigla so they are able to repair the yoga platform and communal areas to restore this peaceful haven in nature.

The workshop will begin with a morning yoga class with Raquel Alves followed by meditation and pranayama with Dory Walker. Both have a deep connection with Vigla Village after leading many retreats there and Raquel especially after facing the eye of the storm. All funds raised will be donated to the repairs at Vigla.

The workshop will run as outlined below (on UK time):

8.30 - 9.45am - Moon practice with Raquel Alves
9.45 - 10.30am - Meditation & pranayama with Dory Walker


8.30 - 9.45am - Moon practice with Raquel Alves

Raquel will lead a 75 minute Moon focused yoga practice.

'Vigla Village is a truly healing place with Anna and Angelos creating that real Greek welcome. I love to sit on the Vigla platform at night or around 4.30am to do my meditation practices, the skies are so vast it feels that you are the sky itself, I feel expansive and the light is incredible. Seeing the shimmering light reflecting on the sea from the light and reflection of the moon, it is true alchemy – so we will do a moon practice. Moon practices help us become centred and balanced, the Activation of Lunar practice stimulates nurturing energy which allows us to remain calm in the midst of turbulence, it also taps into our hidden intelligence and intuition, giving us an opportunity to develop and become the Observer of the mind. The practice consists mainly of forward bends with twists with a little longer holds and the emphasis of extending exhalation to develop this calm from within.' Raquel

9.45 - 10.30am - Meditation & pranayama with Dory Walker

Dory will lead 45 minutes of pranayama, meditation and relaxation connecting to the elements of air, water, sun and the moon to bring the energy of being on the platform at Vigla into your own home.

'Vigla is such a special place for me having taught there most years since 2013. The simplicity, the sea, the warmth of the sunshine and the hearts of Anna and Angelos are such a tonic. These weeks spent with the YOAS community are always a joy.' Dory

How it works

Book your place though our website. The yoga workshop will be live streamed through Zoom. If you don't already have it, download the Zoom app on your computer here:  zoom.us/download  or your phone (in the App Store or Google Play).

Once you have made a booking we will send further details about yoga equipment (or alternatives) needed. A link to access the workshop will be sent the night before.

We look forward to connecting with you all and practising together. Thank you for your support and for being part of our amazing community. All funds raised from this workshop will be donated to repairs at Vigla Village.

Client Reviews

It was certainly an unforgettable introduction to my first yoga retreat and to Yoga on a Shoestring! To experience a cyclone at first hand and to fully understand the devastating disarray that they leave behind in their wake, both to nature and local communities, was certainly an educational experience. No one was injured, which was a blessing and the old adage of counting your blessings each and every day is one that I will try to abide by now. I cannot praise Raquel and Anna and her family highly enough for the care and attention that they spent on looking after us all as a group.
As you know, I was a bit anxious about whether I would even get to Kefalonia as I thought something would arise to thwart it. As it was, I made it, but we had to endure a medicane! However, despite the various challenges thrown our way, I had the most memorable trip which I will treasure forever. I would like to say a special thank you to Raquel who was a rock and an amazing yoga teacher. She's not like your average teacher and I think our experience was all the better for it! I hope Yoga on a Shoestring is able to weather the storm as you face so many challenges and I hope to come on one of your holidays again one day in the future.
Yes it was a challenging adventure on Kefalonia, not the week I had envisaged but I wouldn’t have missed it. Raquel was an amazing teacher and leader through the drama and I was blessed to be with a wonderful group of people who didn’t do the usual human response of trying to blame someone. We became a team. Anna and her family were lovely and worked tirelessly to look after us.

Uplifting yoga workshop to raise funds for Kefalonia, 28 March 2021


£20 per home
Includes yoga, meditation & pranayama

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