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Spring cleansing time

February 13, 2020 6:15 pm Published by

Spring is nature’s natural time of renewal. Re-emerging after the winter months, the energy of spring can whip us into a cleaning frenzy in our homes. So why not give the gift of a good cleanse to your body. Spring is the perfect time.

Here are 5 simple steps to help kick start the body’s natural desire to shift gear as the sap of spring rises.

  • Drink more water – it helps the kidneys to flush toxins from the body’s tissues. Add lemon to help remove toxins from the blood and clear congestion.
  • Get enough sleep – sleep is energy for the body to repair and renew and vital for the detox process.
  • Eat your greens – packed full of chlorophyll and antioxidants leafy greens stimulate the natural powers of the body to rejuvenate.
  • Herbs – harness the healing power of herbs. Try fennel, dandelion root and milk thistle for a natural detox.
  • Yoga – get twisting. Focus on twists to stimulate the digestive system and get any stagnant liver energy moving.

Why not join a Spring retreat and give yourself a springtime MOT. Here are some retreats to soothe and cleanse the senses this spring.

A weekend in Oxfordshire countryside, 24-26 April

Yoga and walking in the Lake District, 16-19 April

Inspiring spring yoga retreat in Somerset, 1-3 May

Luxury yoga holiday in Morocco, 9-16 May

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