A virtual day retreat to delve into the Chakras and Elements

3 May 2020

Cost £35

Teachers Kate McKenzie & Sunita Devi & Will Wheeler

Holiday Expired

About the virtual retreat

In the absence of being able to retreat to all our amazing locations around the world right now we wanted to bring virtual retreats from our homes to yours. This is an opportunity to connect with our YOAS teachers and the wider YOAS community. We can’t wait to see you (virtually) on the mat.

Following the overwhelming success of our first virtual retreat we have lined up four more of our wonderful teachers for an immersive day retreat to delve into the Chakras and Elements. The structure of the day retreat will be as outlined below (on UK time):

9am - 10am - Meditation, movement and mantra with Kate
11am - 12.30pm - Vinyasa flow with Will
3pm - 4.30pm - Mandala masterclass with Sunita
6pm - 7.30pm - Slow down and yin with Mona


Exploring the Chakras with Kate: 9am - 10am

Kate will begin the retreat taking you through the qualities of the chakras with gentle movement, breath awareness, guided visualisation and mantra.

Inspired by the map of the chakras, this practice aims to illuminate aspects of our lives, our strengths and shadows and nurture balance on and off the mat, especially for these challenging times. 

Vinyasa flow igniting the inner fire with Will: 11am - 12.30pm

The morning dynamic vinyasa class will be led by Will. The practice will harness the energy and vitality of Manipura chakra and the element of Agni, fire. You can expect to stretch and align, guided posture to posture with the breath.

The class will be uplifting and fun, at times challenging stoking the inner fires but with options for all levels. After plenty of movement the session will end with a well earned relaxation.

Air mandala masterclass with Sunita: 3pm - 4.30pm

In the afternoon join Sunita for an uplifting air mandala class. This practice takes us on a beautiful journey, moving 360 degrees around the mat opening and finding space and balance within the body.

We will begin this practice with some yin to soften and open up the body, before flowing into a fluid practice. This class is designed to work deeply into the front body, particularly into the shoulders, hip flexors and quadriceps to prepare the body to find greater ease in backbends. This heart opening practice works with the element of Vayu, air and will activate the heart chakra - Anahata known as the centre of love, unity and balance. When Anahata is open you are flowing with love and compassion.

Opening to the Mystery of Samadhi with Mona: 6pm - 7.30pm

Mona will close the retreat with the perfect workshop for those looking to deepen their connection to their True Self during these uncertain times.
5th chakra: If the throat is blocked, so is the upward movement of energy. In this workshop, we will use ‘lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu’ mantra (sound) to awaken Vissudha (throat) chakra.
6th Chakra: To active our third eye, Ajna, we will practice Svadhyaya (self-study) and pattern recognition in our yin (longer held) postures. In the recognition of patterns, we find our way to insight. As Victor Frankl writes, ‘What is to give light must first endure burning.’
7th Chakra: Lastly, through visualisation and stillness, we will move into our thousandfold lotus, Sahasrara. Our purpose in the seventh chakra is to contact the Divine, but also to manifest divinity in our bodies and actions and so transform the world.

How it works

Please make a booking for the day retreat though our website. All classes will be live streamed through Zoom. If you don't already have it, download the Zoom app on your computer here: zoom.us/download (choose 'Zoom Client for Meetings') or your phone (in the App Store or Google Play).

Once you have made a booking we will send further details and instructions on how to use Zoom a couple of days beforehand.

Links to access each class will be sent the night before the retreat. You will be able to join each class 10 minutes beforehand on the day.

You will need enough space to roll out your mat and to be able to stretch your arms above your head. If you have yoga props please have them to hand. Here are the things you will need:

  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket or meditation shawl
  • Firm cushion or yoga block to sit on
  • A yoga belt - or a dressing gown cord works well
  • Yoga bolster or a couple of pillows
  • Notepad and pen

We look forward to connecting with you all and practicing together once again. Thank you for being part of our amazing community.

Client Reviews

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and all the instructors for a fabulous day of breathing, meditation and yoga.  I feel uplifted happy of heart and prepared to embrace the now with compassion and love.
Thank you all for your beautiful teaching and for creating such a mindful and joyful flow through the day. A gift! It was a wonderful idea and if you do another one I’d love to take part!
I am so grateful that Wendy and her lovely teachers took the time to provide us with such an incredible virtual retreat. The classes were a perfect balance of the best aspects of yoga and I learned so much from your teachers' knowledge and experience. The classes were woven with philosophical and spiritual teachings and practice that left me feeling revitalised and restored in my body and mind. So grateful for this opportunity. What a perfect day - thank you so much YOAS!
Just a note to say I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s virtual retreat. It was so special and all four teachers were wonderful in their own ways. I very much look forward to the next one! Many thanks.
I actually felt it was almost one to one, but with the wonderful feeling of everyone being together and able to chat with the class at the beginning gave it a very friendly feel. Thank you for organising the whole day - just Brilliant!
It was so beneficial and so well run - a joy to attend! I'm sure everyone got something out of it!
A really wonderful day, the online retreat is a great idea, thank you.

A virtual day retreat to delve into the Chakras and Elements, 3 May 2020


£35 per home
Includes 4 classes throughout the day.

Travel Arrangements

From our homes to yours.