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A dose of calm

January 30, 2017 4:42 pm Published by

Sensory stimulation is on the increase, the smartphone a ubiquitous accessory to life.

We use them to call, text, email, shop, house hunt, read the news, the list goes on and on. We use iPads and laptops, we Instagram, tweet and Facebook our way though life.

Have you heard the story of the boiling frog? If you put a frog in a boiling pan of water he will jump straight out – put him in a cold pan of water and turn the heat on and he will slowly be boiled alive. That’s us. Our sensory stimulation is slowly and incessantly increasing and we fail to notice that we are being cooked alive! Do you remember your first mobile phone or before you even had one? Remember daydreaming on the bus?!

And have you caught yourself down a rabbit hole on your device, or fingers twitching in pockets to check check check…research has found that on average people check their phones 85 times a day. 85 times a day!!!

So if we know we are living in a sea of WIFI and constant alerts how can we counteract this bombardment on the senses and nervous system?

Try these five things to punctuate your day with moments of un-plugging and connect to your own inner calm:-

Jump! Jumping literally shift us. Jumping in a yoga practice helps to shift ‘Tamas’, the heaviness in the mind and body. But you don’t need to be on your yoga mat to jump, try it in the park or while the kettle is boiling…shift and shake it up.

Drink water Slowly and with awareness. Focus on the water, the life giving qualities of water, the cleansing properties of water. Think of all the rivers, the oceans and the watery make-up of your own body. Finish the whole glass of water. Take a deep breath in and a long sigh out. Simple and magic.

Go for a walk For the simple joy of it and leave your phone at home. Look at the clouds, the trees, say hello to someone!

ZZZZ Take a nap, our body’s energy ebbs and flows throughout the day. Research is showing that power naps make perfect physiological sense so it you get the chance grab a moments shut-eye.

Remember to breathe! Let your breath anchor you into the present moment. Slowing breath in and out three times. Do it before you answer the phone, get in or out of the shower, start the car engine. Punctuate your day with moments to breathe and just be.


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