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A different look & name, our ethos the same

March 26, 2023 8:00 am Published by

A new dawn for YOAS

So it all began as Yoga on a Shoestring 20 years ago.

A small company founded by a truly amazing yogi, Sue Pendlebury, with a passion to make yoga and retreats accessible to all. At a time when there really weren’t many retreat companies out there.

There have been many ups and downs along the way but 20 years later we have a beautiful, supportive community who inspire us daily and retreat offerings that bring us joy.

For most that know us, our name is just a name, but somehow the word ‘shoestring’ hasn’t felt quite right for a while.

Although our key ethos remains, it has been necessary to adapt over the years and those that are new to us often question the ‘shoestring’ element.

So it has felt like the right time to explore and make a shift in our name. Nothing too far from our roots and something that makes sure you know it is still us.

From now we will be YOAS Yoga Retreats.

A name that many of you already know us by.

Our ethos remains to offer authentic, affordable and luxury yoga retreats around the world with inspiring teachers.

We are excited to bring you many more years of YOAS retreats.

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